First started with the Surf Lakes team back in 2016. We have worked with Surf Lakes since the small scale prototype to the full scale site in Yeppoon. Our involvement has been the development of the SCADA and PLC control sytem, Commissioning and assitance with the electrical installation.

Surf Lakes – Yeppoon

Kareeya Hydro Power Station

Project engineering services for the control management system (CMS) of Kareeya Power Station, a hydro power plant in Tully, North Queensland. The power station consists of four generator units, each producing 18 megawatts of power. The CMS is a PLC/SCADA based control and monitoring system designed for the power station.
Each generator unit consists of an Allen Bradley Control Logix PLC with local and remote I/O, with a Panelview and Citect SCADA used for operator interface. The station has a Main and Redundant PLC over ControlNet with Remote I/O used to interface to Ergon Energy. The SCADA also interface with a King Fisher RTU to control dam and weir levels. Control and Monitoring of four generating units and their respective auxiliary equipment such as Lube oil pumps, Governor Oil pumps, Straight Flow Valves etc.
Control and monitoring of station auxiliary equipment, such as cooling water pumps, air compressors etc. Data logging and Reporting, Trends, Alarms and Alarm Paging.

Kareeya Hydro – Tully

Control System Design and Programming

Control Panel Design and Constructions